Why Pursue a Career in Insurance

According to the research, here are the top six reasons insurance prelicensees are drawn to the industry.

Flexible Hours

Whether you’re selling insurance as a supplement to your primary income or as your sole source of income, participants agree that flexible hours are a big benefit for those in certain areas of the industry. Appointments and work hours can vary by day so that you can attend children’s school functions, your social functions, or the work schedule of another job.


The need for insurance isn’t something that will fade away on the horizon any time soon. There will always be a need for people to educate others on insurance. As a result, insurance licensees see their careers as stable and secure.

Unlimited Potential and Independence

In some cases, insurance is an area where the harder you work, the more money you can make. Participants who own their own agencies agree that unlimited potential is one of the reasons they were drawn to the industry. They also enjoy the ability to work for themselves on their own schedule without having to report to a manager or owner.

Helping People

Problem solving and educating their customers are two areas that participants in our research spoke passionately about. The sense of accomplishment at finding the right solution for a new client or helping a client understand a confusing insurance situation is a common thread with group members.


Participants in our research all agree that they love the variety of working in the industry. Not only are the tasks they perform each day different, but they also enjoy the new and different people they come in contact with.

Easy Transition

Of the participants who came into the insurance industry as a result of a major life change (divorce, starting a family, losing a job), many mentioned how easy and fast the transition to insurance can be. They spoke of how they were able to study for the state licensing exam, take the exam, and start selling insurance within a matter of weeks to a few months.

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